So second update within a month O_O Not really unheard of but rare nonetheless. It’s just a simple bunch of sketches. Anyway, there is nudity, and I’m sure you have already noticed. You as in maybe all of five people on the internets. Failure.


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Keep up the good work.

Odetta added these pithy words on Apr 24 09 at 7:34 AM

Hey linda! nice to see your website is still around. how have you been?

Minh Le added these pithy words on May 07 09 at 8:29 PM

Cool sketches They look very good, artistic rough trace, but natural and clear Do you Have a larger work? Maybe you could be published. Shan23 Studios (official website, under construction) Shan23 3D Animations + Anime

Shan23 Studios added these pithy words on Nov 27 09 at 8:05 AM

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