Mid 2018 Anew

by Linda on 09/18/2018

Sept 2018 thumb

Hello 2018! This website is probably ten years old and hasn’t received an update for just about that long. Sad, I know. But the good news is that I’m finished with school, probably won’t have to study for the next five years or so, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is such an amazing show. What does that mean though? I have a lot more time on my hands to draw, read, game, and to nerd out completely. It’s the year for the newness to begin…or something like that?


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  1. 09/18/2018Linda says:

    Love you too girl! 🙂

  2. 09/19/2018Jonathan says:

    All the love being shown -puke-

  3. 09/19/2018Linda says:

    You get loves too 😀

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