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The Greatest Fear–2022 and beyond!


I know I kind of promised more frequent updates in 2021, but ya know…2021 was a busy time for me, and well, the rest of the world >.> Here are the current list of excuses why I haven’t updated this website:

  1. Real world work was really making me hate existence itself
  2. Trying to get a handle on new house/home purchases
  3. Maybe just plain laziness?

But I think there’s only one good reason: I had a love/hate relationship with my work space. I LOVED having my own area to type and play in, but I HATED said space. I’m not big on sharing, and when the other occupant was a complete and total mess hog, I couldn’t bear down and live with it. Not to mention my desk didn’t exactly have the real estate I could spread out in (OKAY, I admit I am a sprawler…sue me :D)

Then again, now that I think about it…does anybody really read this blog? Who am I giving all these explanations to? Like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, laying it all out just feels so damned good 🙂

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It’s already December JANUARY?!


I can’t believe it has been three four months since my last blog post. I mean, nobody really reads this, but boy does it feel good to lay it all out – the good, the bad, and the fugly. Since it’s nearing Christmas, I will give a fair warning to all, I WILL NOT BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA during “the holidays.” I’m not really big on social media anyway, but don’t expect a family Christmas photo nor expect a Merry Christmas SMS (but I do enjoy my little sister’s Christmas photos featuring her legion of dogs). I’m just not a holiday person a horrible person. Damn, just bait me with adorable dog photos/videos and I turn into the Christmas saint…if such a thing exists.

So what will I be doing during the holidays? Working my 12 hour/day job, catching up on some reading (I finished Hollywood Dead finally), hopefully draw on some cute anime guys, and PLAY SPLATOON 2! I’m not really sure why I’m in love with Splatoon 2, but there are certain aspects of the game everybody should love. It’s colorful, the character designs are refreshing, and it’s just nice, clean fun. Now EVERYONE run out, buy a Nintendo Switch (if you don’t already own one) and Splatoon 2, and let’s battle it out online 🙂

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