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New art, new post, two years too late.


So…my laziness has truly gotten a hold of me…

I finished this drawing a while back, and I’m not quite sure why I didn’t post it here. I posted it on Instagram, but damnit (!!!) I’m STILL trying to get my life together. Excuses, excuses per usual, but I think I might move up to FOUR posts annually without breaking a sweat.

Here’s my OC Jin. He’s one of many without much of a backstory, but he does have some minor details I thought about whilst drawing/painting him. He hails from a border area/desert area and he’s rather wild/active…and that’s all I got. He’s also part of my series of sexy guys with fruit colored hair 😀

My name is Jin; hear my roar

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Focused green


Yep, that’s it. I’ve decided to draw and color a series of guys with candy colored hair because there are too many candy colored women all over the place. I want candy coated -ahem- colored men, damnit! I get it that his hair isn’t as bright as a green M&M, but I think it suits him fine 🙂

I will probably draw/color more now because my favorite show of 2018/2019 “The Story of Ming Lan” is over with ;_; Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Yi Ling are SO CUTE together on screen and I adore them as a couple. I especially love Feng Shaofeng as Gu Ting Ye; I mean, he’s the perfect man – powerful, funny, honorable, detailed in all things (especially with his wife) and just….damn, he is just manly. Le sigh.

Just look at the way he sweeps his hands over her arms and pulls her close; so gentle and meticulous -swooooon- SO SWEET! The show ended last week at 73 episodes so maybe in a few more weeks I’ll start a binge watching session.

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Blue Fair


Just finished this profile of another miscellaneous guy, and surprise surprise I’m all about schmexy anime guys. Although this particular image was drawn just so I can practice painting in Procreate on an iPad Pro (1st gen…which is, surprisingly, still quick on the go with minimal hiccups), I decided to post it because it turned out…okay. I just need to work on it being more “painterly.”

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Mid 2018 Anew


Sept 2018 thumb

Hello 2018! This website is probably ten years old and hasn’t received an update for just about that long. Sad, I know. But the good news is that I’m finished with school, probably won’t have to study for the next five years or so, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is such an amazing show. What does that mean though? I have a lot more time on my hands to draw, read, game, and to nerd out completely. It’s the year for the newness to begin…or something like that?